Nikos Ordoulidis

Academic position: Academic Scholar
Scientific field: Musicology – Performance
Courses: Discography, Folk-Popular Piano

Nikos Ordoulidis studied at the University of Leeds, UK (PhD in popular musicology & ethnomusicology; and master’s degree in music performance) and at the University of Macedonia, Greece (bachelor’s degree in music science and art). His doctoral dissertation concerned the discographical work of Vasilis Tsitsanis and the problems of research into Greek popular music. His research interests revolve around the condition of musical syncretism in popular music. Moreover, the performance techniques and the musicological research on the role of the piano in folk and popular musical styles of Eastern Europe, Balkans, Mediterranean and Middle East constitute his latest research activity. He is an active composer with six discographical works; a member of the Modern Greek Studies Association, of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, of the International Musicological Society, and of the Hellenic Musicological Society. From 2014 until 2018, he taught as an Academic Scholar at the Department of Folk and Popular Music, of the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus. Since 2018, he has been teaching at the Department of Music Studies of the University of Ioannina. Since January 2020, he has been undertaking postdoctoral research, titled ‘the eastwards heterotopias of the piano’, funded by the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY). /

Monographs and Book Chapters

Ordoulidis, N. (2021). Musical Nationalism, Despotism and Scholarly Interventions in Greek Popular Music. Bloomsbury Academic.

Ordoulidis, N. (2020). The Missing Pieces to the Puzzle that is Thessaloniki: The Alberto Nar Recordings Archive. In L. Nar (Ed.), Remember: Holocaust Survivors Sing Sephardic Songs (pp. 8-24). Ianos.

Ordoulidis, N. (2018). The Eastern Piano Project – The Rebetiko Era. Pringipessa [in Greek].

Ordoulidis, N. (2018). Reaffirming the popular. In E. Ntourou, & P. Frountzos, Vassilis Tsitsanis, Tis gerakinas gios (pp. 6-11). Hot Doc [in Greek].

Ordoulidis, N. (2017). Cloudy Sunday and the Akathist Hymn – A Mirroring or a Reflection? Athens: Fagottobooks [in Greek].

Ordoulidis, N. (2015). A Popular Musical Symbol. In D. Maniatis (Ed.), Tsitsanis Hommage (pp. 112-115). Ta Nea [in Greek].

Ordoulidis, N. (2014). The Recording Career of Vasílis Tsitsánis (1936-1983). An Analysis of his Music and the Problems of Research into Greek Popular Music. Athens: Ianos [PhD thesis translation in Greek].

Articles and Conference Proceedings (with peer review)

Ordoulidis, N. (2022). The Piano in Greek Popular Orchestras of the Early 20th Century. An Overview of the Material. International Conference: Popular Music of the Greek World. British School at Athens. Athens, Greece May 17–18 [in print].

Ordoulidis, N. (2022). Documentation of Historical Recordings in Greece: The Case of Rebetiko. Paper: 1st Annual Conference of Music Libraries and Archives (21-22/4 2016). Athens: The Greek Branch of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres [in Greek / pending publication].

Ορδουλίδης, Ν. (2021). Οι ετεροτοπίες του πιάνου στα ανατολικά. Πρακτικά 12ου Διατμηματικού Μουσικολογικού Συνεδρίου. Ελληνική Μουσικολογική Εταιρεία [υπό έκδοση].

Ordoulidis, N. (2021). 1911: Greek Estudiantina on the Road. Bulletin de correspondance hellénique moderne et contemporain [online].

Ordoulidis, N. (2021). The Peregrinations of a Princess… Urban Popular Music of the 20th Century in the Network of Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the South-Eastern Mediterranean. Recorded Sound Collections Journal, 2, pp. 249–282.

Ordoulidis, N. (2021). The ‘ecumene’ of the Greek estudiantinas. Conference on the Social, Cultural and Economic History of İzmir and the Region. Hrant Dink Foundation, Izmir (24-25 November 2017) [pending publication].

Ordoulidis, N. (2021). Athens: Tatavliano / New York: Beykos. In K. Chardas, G. Sakalieros, & I. Foulias (Ed.), Conference Proceedings (Thessaloniki, 1–3 December 2017) (pp. 418–423). Hellenic Musicological Society.

Ordoulidis, N. (2020). The Princess’ Wandering. In G. Kokkonis, & S. Koziou (Ed.), Proceedings of the 7th panhellenic conference (18-20 October 2019) (pp. 185-203). Centre for Historical and Folklore Research “O Apollon” Karditsa – University of Ioannina, Department of Music Studies.

Ordoulidis, N. (2019). Approbations and Rejections in the Arrangements of the Rebetiko Songs of the Album “Six Popular Pictures”. Round table: High-Status and Popular Intertexts in Modern Greek Music. Case study: ‘Six popular pictures’ by Manos Hadjidakis. In Chardas, Vouvaris, Kardamis, Sakallieros & Foulias (Ed.), Effects and Interactions (pp. 668-678). Thessaloniki: The Hellenic Musicological Society [in Greek].

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Zoubouli, M., & Ordoulidis, N. (2018). ‘For the Craftsman, Borrowing is one of their Tools of Originality’ (K. Palamas). The Rebetes’ Trial (pp. 45-51). Athens: Department of Popular and Traditional Music and Law School of Athens [in Greek].

Ordoulidis, N. (2015). Urban Popular Music in the Greek Education System: Some Problematic Issues. In Foulias, Vouvaris, Kitsios, & Hardas (Ed.), Music and Musicology. Present and Future (pp. 204-209). Athens: The Hellenic Musicological Society [in Greek].

Ordoulidis, N. (2014). Article of Vasilis Tsitsanis. Grove Music/Oxford Music Online.

Ordoulidis, N. (2011). The Greek Popular Modes. British Postgraduate Musicology, 11.

Compositions / Discography / Projects

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Ordoulidis, Ν. (composer, pianist), Official Tourist Guide of Naoussa.
Ordoulidis, Ν. (composer), 1st prize ‘Choir composition’. Wok ‘Kyrie Eleison’ for SATB choir and orchestra. 3rd International Competition of Volos.
Ordoulidis, Ν. (composer, pianist, singer), 1st personal CD album: ‘Two faced dream’ (independent label).
Ordoulidis, N. (composer), 2nd personal CD album: ‘Peace by Aristophanes’. Work for symphonic orchestra and children choir (independent).
Ordoulidis, N. (composer, pianist, singer), 3rd personal CD album: ‘Flower scent’ (independent).
Ordoulidis, N. (composer, pianist, singer), 4th personal CD album: ‘Lyrical horizons, 10 popular songs for piano & voice’ (independent).
Ordoulidis, N., The Eastern Piano Project (
Ordoulidis, N. (composer, pianist), Musical-drama reading ‘Saint Ignatius the Godbearer’. Work for three soloists, Byzantine choir and piano.
Ordoulidis, N. (composer, pianist), Music written for the short film ‘Alone’.
Ordoulidis, N. (composer, pianist), 5th personal CD album: ‘The Eastern Piano Project – The Rebetiko Era’ (Melissa music).
Ordoulidis, N. (composer, pianist), 6th personal CD album: ‘X–Terra / The Eastern Piano Project’ (Nikos Ordoulidis).


Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), Greek Music Concert, University of Leeds, School of Music, 5 Μαρτίου.
Ordoulidis, N. (chanter soloist), The Cathedral Church and All Saints Wakefield, United Kingdom. Concert with Orthodox hymns of the Holy Week, 18 March.
Ordoulidis, N. (composer, director, pianist, singer), Concerts in Veroia and Naoussa with personal popular works.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), Hommage to the Greek cinema, Thasos, 1 August.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist). Hommage to the Greek cinema, Cyprus, 13 March.
Ordoulidis, N. (composer, director, pianist, singer). Concerts series at Plato music stage in Thessaloniki, with personal popular works.
Ordoulidis, N. (composer, director, pianist, singer). Concert with personal popular works, at ‘Par athin alos’ events of Kalamaria, 7 September.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist, director), Concerts with the band Orfeas in Taiwan.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist, director), Hommage to Vassilis Tsitsanis with the orchestra of the Cultural Society ‘Vassilis Tsitsanis’, Thessaloniki, with Pitsa Papadopoulou, Melina Aslanidou and Fotini Velesiotou, 9 September.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist, director), Hommage to Vassilis Tsitsanis with Manolis Lidakis, Kalidona, 19 July.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), The Eastern Piano Project, with Fotini Velesiotou, Thessaloniki, 15 April.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist, director), Hommage to Vassilis Tsitsanis at Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik Iceland, 4 May.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist, director), Hommage to Vassilis Tsitsanis with Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Pringipessa Thessaloniki, 18-19 January.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), The Eastern Piano Project with Giota Negka, Naoussa, 22 May.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist, director), Hommage to Vassilis Tsitsanis with Kalliopi Vetta, Pringipessa Thessaloniki, 5 May.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), The Eastern Piano Project – Heterotopias, Thessaloniki, 30 November.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), The Greek Political Song, with Pringipessa orchestra, Zurich, 12 May.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), Epitaphios by Ritsos and Theodorakis, with Pringipessa Orchestra, Berlin, 13 April.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), The Eastern Piano Project – Heterotopias, Baden, Switzerland, 27 May.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), The Eastern Piano Project – Heterotopias, Zurich, Switzerland, 29 September.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), The Eastern Piano Project – Heterotopias, Istanbul, Turkey, 23 October.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), concert at Ktima Gerovassiliou ‘Lyrical Tsitsanis’, with Maria Tsakanika (soprano). Organized by the Department of Music Studies, University of Ioannina.
Ordoulidis, N. (pianist), concert at the International Fair of Thessaloniki 2019, ‘Lyrical Tsitsanis’, with Maria Tsakanika (soprano). Organized by the Department of Music Studies, University of Ioannina.